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What is the best way of viewing my Apple mail on my PC at work? It's a complicated story but the webmail portal that my ISP provides, which used to be excellent, is now hopelessly slow and awful, and my ISP is totally unhelpful. I have a Googlemail account (which I don't use much), is there a way of automatically forwarding all mail from my usual email account to my Googlemail account so I can read it there? Or some other way of setting up one's own webmail?

Many thanks

Michael, London

iMac, 1 GHz PowerPC G4, 512 MB DDR SDRAM, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    Yes you can!

    In Mail with Panther 10.3.x which it looks like you are using do this;

    In Mail > Preferences > Rules > Add Rule... there you will see some options. You can try this:
    If "any" of the following conditions are met: "Account" "myacct@service.com". Perform the following actions: "Redirect Message" (or Forward if you like) to: mygmail@google.com... then click OK. And NOW ALL YOUR MAIL will go to your gmail acct. It will not end up in the Mail Program. Even from Home, you will have to use your Gmail acct to see your email. Forwarding would leave one on your computer at home as well.
    Also, you will have to leave your computer ON at home, with the Get Mail set for say 15 minutes or 30 minutes so it CAN fetch your mail, then redirect (forward) it to your Gmail acct. If you have your computer OFF, no mail is gotten from your ISP or redirected, as it is Mail that is now DOING the work of a SERVER.

    If you could do this on your ISP, your home computer would be out of the picture; but all ISP's do not have these options.

    See how you like it...