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alba123 Level 1 (0 points)
does itunes sell books to download and read on the iphone? similar to what readdle has??

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  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)
    iTunes sells Audio Books but not text versions.

  • Tamara Level 6 (13,730 points)
    There is a website textonphone that allows you to read books.
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    that is a shame. The iPhones touch technology would b perfect for reading a book. I have been looking for this obviously missing piece to a great product. Not sure why it isn't possible considering the way the device works. Seems like a perfect opportunity for another market. I know about 100 people in my community who would buy a downloadable bible to use on an iPhone today if it were possible. I emailed apple with your very request. We will see what happens.
  • DaVBMan Level 6 (9,265 points)
    Actually while the device seems perfect, you will find Text Reader products go to great lengths on the screen about power usage, glare, color, etc. All done to not strain the eyes and feel like a real book. While yes the iPhone could be used very easily, it really isn't the perfect choice as screen power consumption as well as strain on eyes (due to size and type of screen).

    Not saying I wouldn't want to give it a try, but trying to make a big chunk of sales into that nitch...really don't think it would cut it.

    Of course just my opinion.

    Also remember, come June new Apps from 3rd parties will become available. If some vendor wants to try to give it a go, they can make a reader for download and provide a way to get to books they get a license to distribute. If somebody thinks they can make money on it, I am sure they will try.

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  • kworley Level 4 (2,105 points)
    Apparently both eReader and MobiPocket are looking at developing versions of their ebook readers for the iPhone. As to when they'll be available, neither has said.
  • nonSequitor Level 1 (0 points)
    Laridian.com hosts a web app for accessing the bible on the iPhone. Many bible versions available with highlighting, verse-of-the-day, etc. Subscription needed (monthly or yearly available) and most of the bible versions have a one-time cost. I have used their products for years and have never had to pay for a version upgrade.
  • CorwinRathe Level 1 (85 points)
    Actually, I've been reading pdf's of books that TOR sends out every month. They do one a month if you sign up on their e-mail list. They read fine on the iPhones browser. I like reading them in landscape mode the best. And I jsut let the whole pdf download to the phone and then keep that window in the browser open. Then as I read it I never close it until I finish reading. Then I can just come back latter select the browser window the pdf is in and I can take up reading where I left off at. Works pretty well so far. There's also lots of places where you can buy books in a pdf form.
  • shutyourpiehole was taken Level 1 (20 points)
    I realize you probably don't want ANOTHER device but just FYI - check out Amazon's "Kindle". It is the itunes for books. So clever it is beyond description but the demo is on Amazon's site. Download books from anywhere (with NO monthly fee) within seconds. Carry a library in the size of a paperback. I have no affiliation with Amazon but I bought one of these a few months ago and am still amazed. You can even get your newspaper and magazines! If you are a light reader, nevermind but if you travel or are in college - check it out. Good luck.