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When I push my icon to see/listen to my music, there is nothing there. But I can see in the settings that my memory tells me that the data is on the phone. Does anyone had this problem or know what to do. Thanks

Windows XP Pro
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    Possibly everything's got dumped in "Other". Have a look in the Summary Tab of your phone in iTunes. If the content bar at the bottom is wholly or mainly orange, that's what's happened. Apparently it can happen if a sync gets interrupted. You'll need to restore to fix it (if that is the problem). Do a sync first to back up.
  • WEE2 Level 1 Level 1
    Okay I will try when I get home, were I have a back up. It desplays the follow message.

    itones can't read the data on my iPhone, I will need to restore to factory settings.