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When I put my Ipod Classic 160GB in my Universal Dock, everything is OK.
But when I try to shut the Ipod down (by keep pressing the start/pause button), it shows the battery status icon and a few moments later it turns of the backlight.
But you can see that the display is still on with the batteryicon displaying.

So the ipod only turns of the light.
When I disconnect the Ipod from the dock and keep pressing the start/pause button, it shut completely down as it's supposed to do.
Then I switch the Hold knob to hold.
When I put the Ipod back on the dock it switches back on again!
Even though the Hold switch is on! I can't seem to switch of the Ipod when it's in the dock.
The dock is constantly connected to a powersuply so I can emagine that it maybe is not allowed to shut down because else the battery won't charge.

But how can i turn of the display then?
So not only the backlight but also the display itself.
And if the Ipod is not allowed to shutdown when it's in the dock, is the HD still spinning?

Thanx in advance, Ludo Timp, The Netherands

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.5.2)