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I have an external hard drive hooked on my dell pc (running xp) for storing music files. Recently I added some music to the drive and then synced it with my iTunes (latest version). However, after doing this I noticed that many of my music files had different extensions and were encoded at different rates. So, I highlight all of my songs in iTunes and and set them to be converted to the highest quality mp3. The process was taking quite some time so I let it go overnight. When I came back to my computer in the morning I realized I had duplicated all of my songs (iTunes doesn't delete the old songs when converting). Having over 10k songs I thought it best to delete the first set of songs which were still highlighted. Next I synced my iPod with my iTunes. But then I noticed I only had 500 songs!

I looked in the Trash but no luck. I have tried Dell's recovery application but cannot get the files back that way. Any ideas on how to recover all of those songs via the drive or my iPod? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.8), * Also use a Dell running Windows XP