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I have set up my incoming fax to send an e-mail when a fax is received. The problem is that I need to use a specific outgoing smtp server to sent the e-mail. Where so I set the outgoing mail server?


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    Hello Allan,

    If you are saying that you have configured your Mac to receive faxes and divert them to email, then your Mac will use Apple's Mail application to send the fax as an attachment. Therefore, your SMTP settings are configured via your account settings in Mail.

    If you are talking about a physical fax machine, not your Mac, then you would need to set the SMTP settings within the fax machine. This would also mean that the fax would have to be connected to your Ethernet network.

    Maybe if you could give some more detail about your setup we could offer more advice...

  • Allan Marcus1 Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)
    I'm talking about my Mac and the System Prefs for Print and Fax.

    Assuming it uses the outgoing server from Mail, which outgoing server will it use? I have multiple accounts and multiple mail servers. How can I tell it which account and outgoing mail server to use?


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    Good question. I don't know the answer to that. I checked the Help but no answer there. Maybe it would be the first smtp account in the list of accounts?

    Might need someone elses help with this one. I haven't used the fax function for a very long time...
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    Reading through that article, I don't think it determines your default email. It is for setting the correct account information so that your ISP doesn't reject the email.
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    I don't think there is any connection between Mail settings and the fax e-mail notifier. The article I referred to shows how to set the return address and the SMTP server for the fax e-mail notification messages. That is what I was looking for.
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    The outgoing mail server is the Postfix server built into OS X. It does its own mailing of the PDF file directly to the recipient's mail server, rather than relaying it through a specified SMTP server. Realize, however, that the recipient's email server may refuse to accept the email from postfix, thinking it may be coming from a spam source, rather than through reputable smtp server with proper reverse lookup entries.

    If you have configured the Mac's fax preference panel to email received faxes, are they are not going through, open the Console application (found in Applications>Utilities) and inspect the mail.log Study the log entries for the postfix process and it should give you a clue why the email is not getting through.

    In my case, I was the recipient and my email provider's server was not accepting the email from postfix, thinking it was from a spam source. Since I have a fixed IP address, I was able to get my email server operator to whitelist my IP address so the mail would be accepted.

    If you are on a dynamic IP address, you may not be able to use that solution. Good luck.
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    Under 10.5.4, I attempted the plist editing suggested in an earlier post to no avail.

    However, after some perusal of postfix documentation, I did a simple fix. I edited /etc/postfix/main.cf to contain the line:
    relayhost = [<host>]
    where <host> is the domain name of my desired mail relay, and it all seems to work now. By default it seems to look for an MX DNS record corresponding to the destination address, which is almost always the wrong thing to do these days.