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My iphone takes about an hour or more to sync usually. It stays on "syncing contacts with 'Iphone'", mail accounts, and calendars for like 20-30 minutes a piece. My guess is because of my .pst file being so large. (10gb) yes i know it's huge, but i need most of everything in there for business. Is this what would be causing it to go so slowly? or is it just slow on vista? (or vista 64-bit)

Made myself, Windows Vista
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    Hey hokeyplyr48,

    Make sure you have the iTunes and Outlook updates installed. Try Resetting the Sync History as described here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1692

    You can find out if its the PST file by creating a new user account or renaming the PST file and testing after Outlook creates a new one.

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    i'll have to give that a try.

    secondly, how does the iphone sync with calendars, contacts, etc. Does it just mirror whatever is on the computer? or does it add what's on the iphone and not on the computer to the computer and vice versa? I'm trying to figure out whether it will take stuff off the iphone and put in outlook as well as take new stuff out of outlook and put it on the iphone.
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    If you modify or create contact on the iPhone or in Outlook the changes should show up after syncing.
    This article provides detailed information on the data that can be merged while syncing: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1296

    A few other things;
    There is an advanced option to replace data on the iPhone with data from the PC, click the iPhone under devices> Info Tab> Advanced.
    There is also an option in iTunes> Edit> Preferences> Syncing> Warn when __% of the data on this computer will be changed.

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    Check this link.


    The syncing of contact information, calendar events, and bookmarks is bidirectional with the iPhone and the supported applications on your computer - by the definition of syncing.

    The process is called syncing with iTunes but not all data is synced by the definition of syncing. Some data - such as iTunes content and pictures transferred from your computer to your iPhone is a data transfer process only as part of the sync process. Contact information, calendar events, and bookmarks are kept synchronized.