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A couple of months ago, I downloaded the Sophos antivirus from my college web site. It was a free upload. Now, every time I connect a flash drive and many times when I try open a Word/Excel/Powerpoint file the antivirus will open a window and will give me an error message. It's just so annoying....!!!! I tried to put the Sophos icon from the application folder into trash but then after I restart the computer I'll get a message that Sophos has been updated and we're back to square one. I couldn't figure out how to completely uninstall this software. Really appreciate some assistance in this!!

Thanks in advance!!

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    Programs that work with core services of other system files usually include an uninstaller program in the package. Sometimes it's an option you will see when running the installer.

    You could download the program again and see if that's the case with Sophos products.