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davidw Level 1 (5 points)
I have a DVD project that is about 4-5 hours long and has assets totaling 11 gigs.

How can I burn this to a DVD. Is there no way iDVD can handle it? What about toast?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
  • Rich839 Level 4 (2,439 points)
    The limitation is with the capacity of the DVD disk. A standard disk holds up to 2 hours of video, including music, transitions, and effects. A dual layer disk, up to 4 hours, but not all burners have the capacity to burn these. Toast has a "compress to fit" feature, but you will lose quality. Your best bet is to split your project into 2 or 3 iDVD projects and burn them to separate disks. Anything 4-5 hours long is not likely to be viewed in one session anyway.
  • ThomasG Level 5 (6,745 points)
    As Rich839 states you should break this project down to burn on multiple DVDs. However, It is possible to put that much video on a single DVD but it requires encoding at a lower resolution (such as 480x480) and low bit rate. This also means lower picture quality. This can be done with some MPEG encoders such as MPEG2 Works and I think ffMPEGX. Those MPEGs can be used to make a video DVD with Toast.

    By the way, Toast's Fit-to-DVD feature will not fit 4 to 5 hours of video to a DVD. You have to use some other MPEG encoder such as those above which can encode at lesser resolutions.

    Alternatively you could choose to make a DivX DVD that is playable on some DVD players that support DivX.