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Andrew Tallon Level 1 (95 points)
Any users out there have this problem? I add (as a library, to keep the font where it is) a MM font (Penumbra, for example) then disable it. It stays disabled in FontBook, but still appears in all font menus (with ALL of the different masters listed - it's a big pain). Blowing away the font cache gets rid of it, but then, if I add it again, it gets stuck on. Any ideas? thanks!
  • SharonZ Level 2 (475 points)
    Not an idea, really. More like I'm wondering... Do you get the same thing going on with an MM with fewer instances? Maybe after some threshold there's a problem with so many family members?
    Maybe it's a quirk of the Library approach. have you tried putting it in one of the regular Fonts folders to check that?
  • Andrew Tallon Level 1 (95 points)
    since posting i've had better luck, and frankly, haven't had the courage to mess around with the mm fonts. i'm waiting for apple to catch on and hopefully add some features designed specifically for this. i've still had some font weirdness, epecially with adobe CS2 apps which don't seem happy about the fonts loaded via fontbook. but alas i haven't had the time to take it much further.
  • SharonZ Level 2 (475 points)
    Also... since OSX doesn't support basic MM fonts, that could be your problem, too; I assumed when I first read your post that it was a font with already-created instances, but maybe it wasn't...