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Yesterday, I accidentally washed my Apple iPhone headphones, and surprisingly, they still work! Despite their still poor quality (within 6 months, the rubber around the bud came off, which I taped/glued back on, the wire connecting the mic to the headphones came apart on the top and the bottom, where the cord meets the jack also began deteriorating) it was still able to withstand the power of a washer and a dryer. I just thought this was interesting and it might be worthwhile to make note of.

Although they still work, their condition worsened. The rubber totally came off, but I was able to re-glue/re-tape it. The wire to the mic totally separated, so before I taped it up, i had about 3 inches of exposed red wire above the mic and below the mic. The wire connecting to the jack remained the same. FYI, I am using adhesive cloth tape, like what they use for sports injuries sometimes, just incase you have this same problem and need a solution.


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