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I just purchased an iPhone yesterday, and I'm already having problems with it. It was working fine earlier today, but for the past hour it's been acting weird. I'll turn on iPhone with Home button, slide to unlock it, and then one of two things will happen: 1. After 5 seconds it turns off, or 2. It works fine. If it goes with option 1, I can't turn it back on. If I press the Home button, it will take forever to finally turn on. The same is true if I press the Sleep/Wake button. When it does finally turn on, it sometimes will freeze at the unlock screen, and I have to wait for it to finally just shut itself off. If I get option 2, where it works fine, if I try to go to Mail, it won't show any of my mail messages, freeze, and then go back to the home screen. I reset my iPhone, deleted my email account, and re-registered the account, and tried again, but it continued to do the same thing. Oh, and another problem is sometimes when I turn it on and unlock it, it will only show the signal bars, ATT, time, and battery meter at the top, but nothing else, and then after about 30 seconds to a minute the home screen will finally appear.

Does anyone know what is wrong here, and how I can fix it? This is very upsetting to me that I am already having problems with it after just buying it yesterday.

Thanks in advance.
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    It sounds like some application is running in the background that is using most of the CPU cycles. If you have hacked (jailbroken) the phone or otherwise installed applications on the phone this is the first place to look.

    Assuming the phone was purchased directly from Apple or AT&T and you have not installed any software on it try restarting it. Hold the HOME and SLEEP buttons for about 8 seconds, until the Apple logo appears (Ignore "slide to turn off" and keep holding). This should fix it. If the problem recurs let us know and we will look for other issues.
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    If a Reset does not resolve these problems, try doing a Restore with iTunes.

    Sync your iPhone immediately before doing the Restore - to update your iPhone's backup if needed.

    A Restore will completely erase your iPhone, and then reinstall the current firmware version, which is 1.1.4.

    After the current firmware version is re-installed, you will be provided an option to restore your iPhone from the backup - which should be the default.

    This must be followed by another sync.

    If this doesn't resolve it, give AppleCare a call (800) 694-7466, or make an appointment at an Apple Store if there is one nearby.
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    Okay, so I followed your instructions for restoring it, and it seemed to fix the problem. However, when I input my mail settings back in, everything seemed to be working fine again until I tried turning it on again five minutes later: when I pressed the home button, nothing happened, and then after about 2 minutes it showed the slide to unlock screen, but it was frozen.

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    If your phone isn't jailbroken or hacked/unlocked, I'd take it right back to the Apple Store to have it replaced.

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    SisterBlue wrote:
    If your phone isn't jailbroken or hacked/unlocked, I'd take it right back to the Apple Store to have it replaced.