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I washed my ipod imagine my horror when i found it well i researched online and called apple support by the way mine didn't work after washing. The apple support said leave it out about three weeks and then it should work. it didn't so we opened up the ipod...OH now!... what else could we do? we then had trouble finding a screwdriver small enough. We went to the hard ware store and found one... however i left my open (covers off) but not seperated, ipod in my poket. It again went through the wash...and dryer...i even checked my pockets, those things are to small it now works! well it did i plugged it into the pc...it turned on, it stayed on but it was on hold... you must do this to open it... so it now works... theres a catch the electrical cord that hooks to the top bar and to a small electronic board(i think it deals with the hold button) broke off from the board. now the ipod has an ipod on the creen with a frown and xed eyes on it with "www.apple.com/support" on it. The screen randomly goes from this to the apple symbol (the one that is on the screen if you hold down menue and te center button.)can this wire be reatached? do you have any recomendations? how much should it cost to get it fixed?

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