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Recently my phone has had a problem finding a server. It happens only once and a while, but more and more frequently recently. When it happens all internet related tolls are affected, email, safari, weather, stock etc.

is anyone else having this problem and what can i do?

Dell, Windows XP
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    Yes, I am having the exact same problem and it is really starting to drive me nuts! I have turned the iPhone on and off - this use to work, but it is no longer helping. I have tried reseting the iPhone, but this doesn't help either. I am considering returning it to Apple if this continues ...
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    I am also having the same problem. I just shipped my phone to apple today for repair for dead pixels and for the cannot find server problem. I paid the extra 30 to get a service iphone and so far its acting normal. I will post back when i get my replacement back to see if its working the way it should.
  • Michael Linneer Level 1 (125 points)
    I'm having the same sporadic problem, but I don't believe it's the iPhone. I can get access via WiFi but when I leave the area and switch to Edge I get the "Can't find server" error. Then it will suddenly work fine for a while. Of course, living in a rural area 70 miles north of Dallas, doesn't help either.
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    Same issue, seems to have started when I downloaded the lastest version of Safari. Very irritating and nothing I do seems to resolve the issue...
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    Call AT&T. Have them check edge provisioning on your account. If that is OK then go to settings, gereral, reset and reset network settings. Reset your network settings then power your phone off. Then have the csr at AT&T resend your activation codes and then power your phone back on. This has worked for others. I had the issue for about two weeks and I did this yesterday and so far it is working since yesterday afternoon. I'll update if I have more problems. If this doesn't work I guess the next option is calling Apple for repair/replace.
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    I looked at the AT&T Wireless forums and there are similiar discussions there. It appears to be an AT&T problem - although their customer support is not admitting it except in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
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    Update. The above did not work for me, back to the same ole hit and miss. Will be calling apple next.
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    I live in the DFW area. When I'm at home the iPhone switches to my Wifi wireless network. The next morning I drive into work where there is no Wifi and I'm on Edge. I will then pull up Weather or Stocks and it fails to update. I had this just happen. I powered down the iPhone and powered up and Edge now responds. I'll test it out again over the next few days. It maybe when shifting from Wifi to Edge the transition doesn't complete correctly. I've had it at home and I've turned off Wifi and Edge has worked but maybe shifting from Wifi to Edge doesn't work well or maybe due to AT&T in the DFW area?

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    As promised i am posting back. I sent my iphone in for repair for dead pixels and the service phone was acting the same way so i called ATT and had them reset the edge provisioning and had them send me a code and now everything is working perfectly so you might want to give it a shot to see if it works for you.