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gstaten Level 1 (0 points)
hi i just got a macbook and unfamiliar with macs. i was wondering if i can put office 07 on my macbook.? and if so how

dell, Windows XP
  • Axel Foley Level 5 (4,005 points)
    You have several choices:

    1. Install Office 2004 for Mac or Office 2008 For Mac on Leopard.
    2. You can use software such as Parallels and install a Virtual Machine for Windows and then Install Office 2007 for Windows.
    3. You can use Boot Camp to parition your Macbook's HD and install Windows (Please read instructions thoroughly for this) on its own partition so it runs natively and then install Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows on it.

    For option 1 you will need to buy Office for Mac (either 2004 or 2008).
    For option 2, you will need to purchase Parallels, Windows and Office 2007 for Windows.
    For Option 3, you will need to purchase Windows and Office 2007 for Windows.

    Axel F.