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tronika Level 1 Level 1
This happens to me a few dozen times.
When music end then goes to another track, it shut itself off.
I have been told by someone that I need to restore that whole thing.
So, I have done it several times but it still doing it.
I brought it to Apple store but this rep gave me an attitude...
Also I have to leave my iPhone for a few days. I don't have any unlock
phone or anything so I couldn't leave my iPhone...

I think I saw some message when I first upgraded OS 10.4.7 to !0.5 it said
"Your iPhone has internal problem would you like to report this error to
us so we can solve this problems..." something like that.

Can't they just plug my iPhone and see what is wrong with it or they can
rent iPhone for during that repair time or something.

But anyone has that same problem? ANYONE?

PowerBook 17, Mac OS X (10.4.7)