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I have a serious problem with the boot camp assistant resizing the partition. My configuration: iMac CoreDuo 20" (summer 2006), 2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, Leopard 10.5.2 with all recent patches. I work a a standard user without admin privileges.

On my Mac partition (real size 465GB) there are currently 180GB free space. In boot camp assistant I choose 50GB as size for the Windows partition. The assistant asks me for the admin authentication and then starts working on the hard drive. After a while the assistant again asks for a admin authentication, which I enter. Then, after a few more minutes, the Mac crashes completely and I have to turn off power.

Mac OS is still able to boot, but there are 50GB less free space in the filesystem, although the hard drive utility tells me, that there is only one partition on the hard drive consuming all space. I have to boot with the installation DVD and use the hard disk utility on the DVD to fix this problem.

Then just for testing I rebooted with the installation DVD and again started the hard disk utility. I tried to resize the one partition on my hard drive, but it also failed. It took about 20 minutes (the german message while doing this was "Bearbeite Partitionstabelle") until I got an error message. When the progress bar was nearly at the end, I got the message that there is not enough space to resize the disk. Eh, I have 180GB free space, how can this not be enough?

I guess that there are some files at the end of the partition, but I do not know how to defragment the partition and move all files to the beginning of the partition. I why does the boot camp assistant crash instead of just telling me exactly this?

In the beta phase of boot camp I had Windows XP on my machine, but with Leopard I decided to get rid of it. Now I have one game, I like to play on Windows, so I want to reinstall Windows XP on my machine. Does anyone have a clue how I can solve my problem?

iMac 20" Core Duo 2.0GHz, Mac OS X (10.5), 2 GB RAM, 256MB Video RAM. 500 GB Harddrive
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    well i don't have an answer but a similar problem: my bootcamp partition is not being recognized by windows, so accidently i even formatted the whole mac into FAT and lost all my data! And now somebody helped to put mac os on it again, but still the problem stays that windows only identifies the mac os drive and not the bootcamp drive. if someone has an answer...
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    Ok, the only solution working was to buy iDefrag and defrag the system partition after boot from DVD. After that the bootcamp assistent does not crash anymore and succeeds in creating the bootcamp partition.