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Dear all:

I wonder how I can delete some of the photos I have synced from my ipod. I cannot see any photos in iTune as well as in windows explorer. The only thing I can see in iTune is the number of photos I have so far only.

Please show me the way how.


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    Remove the photo from the folder that you linked to when you set the preference "synchronize photos from" and update the iPod. For example, if the iPod is getting the pictures from the folder "My Pictures," remove or delete them from My Pictures and sync your iPod.

    Here's a simple "How To" on downloading photos from a folder on your hard disk to an iPod:
    1 Create a folder on your hard drive to hold the photos you want on your iPod. Call it iPod Photos for example
    2 Drag the photos you want from your usual picture folder into the folder you just created
    2 Open iTunes, select your iPod in the iTunes Source list.
    3 Click the Photos tab and select “Synch photos from.”
    4 Choose “Choose Folder” from the pop-up menu and select the iPod photos folder you created.
    5 When you want to change what photos are on the iPod just add or remove the photos from the folder you have made and syncronise the the iPod.

    iTunes will add "optimised", small TV quality versions of the photos to the iPod for you to view. if you want to include full size photos so you can move them from one computer to another check the "Include Full Resolution photos" box. When you want to change the photos on the iPod you simply add or remove the photos you want from your iPod Photos folder and sync the iPod.