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Dear forum members,

I've read a lot of stuff about the sleep function, but was unable to find the problem I'm having. When I close the lid of the MBpro the laptop will go to sleep. The indicator light will dim after a while and when the light is close to off the laptop will restart with the lid closed. This will continue forever. The same thing happens when the laptop is put to sleep from the menu or when it goes to sleep after a period of not using it. The latter situation did not cause problems before until I tried setting the sleep parameter form '3' to '0' (which I changed back again). Second, possibly related' issue is that my mighty mouse will always wake from sleep (when the laptop was still able to sleep), no matter if this is en- or disbled in the menu.

I'v tried an install and erase of Leopard, extended hardware check, SMC reset and RAM reset (the command-option-P-R thing), but nothing has helped. Is the definitive conclusion that it is a hardware issue?

I appreciate all suggestions.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Run /Utilities/Console, click All Messages top left and look for the lines after ones something like this (a correct Sleep shutdown):

    +25/04/08 8:55:50 PM kernel hibernate image path: /var/vm/sleepimage+
    +25/04/08 8:55:50 PM configd[36] AppleTalk shutdown+
    +25/04/08 8:55:50 PM kernel sizeof(IOHibernateImageHeader) == 512+
    +25/04/08 8:55:50 PM kernel Opened file /var/vm/sleepimage, size 2147483648, partition base 0xc805000, maxio 400000+
    +25/04/08 8:55:50 PM kernel hibernate image major 14, minor 2, blocksize 512, pollers 4+
    +25/04/08 8:55:50 PM kernel hibernateallocpages flags 00000000, gobbling 0 pages+
    +25/04/08 8:55:50 PM configd[36] AppleTalk shutdown complete+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel System SafeSleep+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel hibernatepage_listsetall start+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel hibernatepage_listsetall time: 449 ms+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel pages 517610, wire 58462, act 281512, inact 83318, zf 15638, throt 0, could discard act 21586 inact 52729 purgeable 4365+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel hibernatepage_listsetall found pageCount 438930+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel IOHibernatePollerOpen, mlget_interruptsenabled 0+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel IOHibernatePollerOpen(0)+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel writing 438451 pages+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel image1Size 105771008+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel all time: 41719 ms, comp time: 9177 ms, deco time: 0 ms,+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel image 1108484608, uncompressed 1795895296 (438451), compressed 1104727712 (61%), sum1 72e982f3, sum2 a0c07971+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel hibernatewriteimage done(0)+
    +25/04/08 8:55:53 PM kernel sleep+

    The "wake up" lines will be after these ... what's it saying ?
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    Hi Michael,

    That's an interesting tool. I do not have exactly the same lines as you have between the 'kernel image path' and the 'kernel sleep' but it's traceable. After this, the only lines that appear to be relevant to the waking are:
    26-04-08 08:03:09 kernel System Wake
    26-04-08 08:03:09 kernel USB caused wake event (EHCI)
    The system then starts to try and reconnect to airport, cannot restart (since the lid is closed) and the start hibernating again:
    26-04-08 08:02:44 kernel AirPort: Link Up on en1
    26-04-08 08:02:46 mDNSResponder[15] Note: Frequent transitions for interface en1 (; network traffic reduction measures in effect
    26-04-08 08:02:50 kernel AppleYukon2: 00000000,00000000 sk98osx_dnet - recovering from missed interrupt
    26-04-08 08:02:51 kernel hibernate image path: /var/vm/sleepimage

    Are these the lines that you are looking for? Again, your help is much appreciated.

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    +USB caused wake event+

    That's what I was looking for - an external device is not sleeping/powering down and that's causing your Mac to wake up again ... what's on the USB Bus ?

    Try disconnecting devices and see when it sleeps correctly ?
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    There is nothing in the USB ports, I don't have any peripherals connected at the moment. I only have an empty SD card reader in the PC/express slot,but I don't think that that could make any difference.

    I am connected to a wireless network (Airport), just to mention that but that has nothing to do with USB either.
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    Hi Michael,

    After lots of research on kernel info and bluetooth etc I finally found that the 7in1 cardreader by Kensington is the cause of the problems. I just did not make the connection between this reader (empty!) and the USB message.

    On the Kensington site this cardreader is advertised as being compatible with MAC OS not requiring any drivers. Well, I'm not sure if that is correct. I found a couple of reports of my error on the internet, so I'm not the only one. Would this problem occur in general with the combo cardreader and the Macbook Pro?

    Thanks for your support!
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    I don't have any experience with that Card reader so it's hard to say however, I've often found that "compatibility" labels (on a whole range of external devices) can sometimes be either 'economical with the truth' or just plain wrong. Some problems can be fixed by Firmware updates but if hardware design is at the core of the problem then nothing will fix it.
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    My MacBook Pro with Leopard has been experiencing this as well. If I close the lid, often it wakes up in about 30 seconds and then repeatedly sleeps/repeats. I found the info on this page to be helpful:


    After creating the missing plist file, so far I have not had any issues with sleeping. Hopefully this is a permanent fix.