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i have my ipod hooked up to my pioneer stereo in my car via a ipod cable thru the aux port. it worked perfectly in the past without issues.
anyway, after the update, i noticed that whenever i turned the ipod off (i still control the music thru the ipod and not thru the headunit) when i shut the car off, it turns back on, and subsequesntly drains the ipod battery.
what happens however is if i unplug the ipod from the aux cable and turn it off, it doesnt turn back on.
this is confusing as i dont know why the aux cable would cause the ipod to turn itself back on when its plugged in, and why is it doing it now and not in the past?
basically i guess im left with unplugging the ipod everytime i shut the car off. kind of annoying.
if anyone has suggestions fire away

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