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Just yesterday i purchased the IHome IH8 from a friend who had received it as a gift, but already had one. I had been wanting one for a while but didn't want to spend all that money on it so when my friend offered me a reduced price I eagerly took the chance and bought it from him. When i got home, set it up and hooked up my ipod touch i was very pleased with the quality of sound and that the remote worked with it. After a few minutes of trying to figure out the alarm I became quickly confused and frustrated; when the ipod touch is in lock mode (so the screen is black) the alarm wont turn it on! So i played around with it for a while and it seems that the ipod alarm only works when you put on 'auto lock - never' which means that the screen is on all night, and im not a fan of night lights. Does anyone know how to get this to work properly? when i have it on auto lock the ipod screen turns back on but tells you to slide to unlock, so instead of music i get an annoying buzzing sound, and the reason i bought this item was to wake up to my ipod!

Thanks for your time.
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    My ipod is on auto lock and my iHome alarm works fine.

    I plug in the ipod and click the button on the top to turn off the light from the ipod. If it does turn on, I do get the "slide to unlock" but just ignoring it (or clicking the top button to turn it off) the screen goes black.

    What I don't like is the dimmer for the time/date/radio station on the front screen of the iH8. I do like to be able to look over and see the time before 'waking' up. with the dimmer off (so I can sleep and not get the light from the clock screen) I cannot read the time. Even turning the dimmer on the lowest setting, it is pretty bright throughout the night.
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    thanks ggironguy, but are you using your ipod as an alarm to wake up to your music? because when i press the button on the top to turn the screen black, and the alarm tries to turn on the music, it only turns on the "slide to unlock" screen and doesn't go to the music.

    and yeah i have the same problem with not being able to see the time when i wake up, i need glasses so all i see is a blank white screen, i'm thinking of just putting my old clock next to my bed so i can at least know what time it is when i wake up.
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    i got 2 smae things itouch and ih8. to make sure it will work for sure, before you goto sleep play a song on your ihome with the screen unlocked and in now playing screen, then press alm. reset/ power off button and ihome will turn off ur sreen but not lock it