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syoungblood1025 Level 1 (0 points)
I purchased an 80g ipod classic. Began transferring my cd's into the library today. The first 100 or so worked fine. Now, when I insert cd, error message comes up that "Unable to connect to CDDB server". This is happening now with all new cd's I insert.

My connection is fine. Internet/email operating without problems. Itunes store connects with no problem. I have closed, re-opened itunes, re-booted system, re-installed i-tunes and nothing is working. Any suggestions, because this *****!

pc, Windows XP, ipod classic 80g
  • MikeTheCPA Level 1 (0 points)
    I have been importing my CD collection over the past several months. Last night iTunes quit getting the track and album info from Gracenote CDDB. I just fixed the problem a few minutes ago.

    Go to Gracenotes and follow their instructions for "Registration Errors Messages and Updates" You download their little software program, close iTunes, and run their program and it fixed the problem for me. I hope this helps.

    **1. Go to this page and follow the directions:
    This will update Gracenote's registration. Registration, after making the update, does not request username or other personal details. It requires only an acceptance of our specific terms of use. We recommend that you try this first, even if you have the latest registration.**
  • syoungblood1025 Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks so much. Quick, easy fix and all is better it appears.
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    The download did not work for me. I am trying to rip my collection to Apple Lossless and I'm sitting dead in the water. I have tried everything. Re-starting, uninstalling firefox, uninstalling and re-installing itunes after keeping the computer shutdown five minutes, downloading and installing the mentioned "fix" twice, all to no avail. If this situation is not resolved by tomorrow I will be forced to stop using itunes, since I am traveling and need to have my library ripped before leaving.

    Somebody in Apple needs to own up to this.

  • Katrina S. Level 7 (24,095 points)
    +Somebody in Apple needs to own up to this.+

    That is just a goofy notion, it must be some setting on your PC, as millions of us CAN access CDDB.
    Rip your CDs in WMP, if you must. I bet it's a security software setting, though.

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    There seems to be a major problem for MANY people. This just started for me last night out of the blue and a google search shows that there are many forums discussing this problem. If you are fortunate enough to not be having his then good for you but your snotty answer to the previous poster was unnecessary.

    Some people have found that it works this am but I have not been so fortunate. Have also installed the gracenote patch to no avail
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    CDDB used to work fine ( nothing for the last 2 days) but the connection to CDDB server cannot be made. I did the patch, no luck.
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    Yep. Me too. CDDB stopped working about a day ago, 5 days after installing ITunes, and with no apparent changes in either ITunes or security settings on my computer.

    CDDB registration patch from Gracenotes was not effective in solving the problem, nor deleting and re-installing ITunes, nor my mucking about in my Internet security program (where ITunes has full access permissions to cross the firewall, and in any event didn't change when CDDB stopped working).

    Apple, I'm not happy.
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    Just yesterday I did one of my cds and it worked fine..tried a second one and came back with no track names and the error message same as everyone else..
    Just tried the Gracenote patch...
    Since doesn't work
  • David Sultan Level 1 (0 points)
    Sony pays $260M for Gracenote

    In the '80s and '90s, I was a big fan of all things Sony. Walkmans, Handycams, PlayStations. Every gadget on my wish list was a Sony.

    That was then. This is now.

    And now, it's all about Apple and its iPod, iPhone and iTunes online music store and software.

    But lately, I'm beginning to think I should give Sony another look. The Japanese company, down in the dumps after a series of flops, including the MiniDisc, Memory Stick and Sony CONNECT music software, is reshaping itself as a contender.

    Sony has secured two big victories in the last few months:

    First, it conquered a lengthy next-generation DVD war, no doubt smirking at the bruised backers of HD-DVD in the process. Sony's Blu-ray format is now the standard.

    Then, this week, the company agreed to buy Gracenote, a leading provider of music-recognition services on computers and of song lyrics over the Web.

    Hoosier entrepreneur Scott Jones co-founded the California company more than a decade ago. He says Gracenote's management has been talking with Sony for a while.

    It's no wonder.

    Gracenote is the unsung hero of the digital world.

    Every time you put a CD in your computer and launch a music player, such as Winamp or iTunes, it's Gracenote that identifies the CD with the name of the artist, album and every song.

    Without Gracenote, you'd get a CD that appears as an "unknown album" by an "unknown artist" with songs simply labeled as "Track 1," "Track 2" and so on.

    Imagine building a digital music collection like that. No way.

    But what's really interesting is, with Gracenote, Sony soon will own one of the most important components of Apple's iTunes service and its iPod.

    Remember that Apple is the nemesis that snatched Sony's longtime lead in the portable music player market. Exit Walkman. Enter iPod.

    It seems like Sony could have a blast messing with Apple if it wanted to. Fun times.

    Add that to the encroaching deployment of Blu-ray players in homes and computers, including those made by Apple, and things are looking pretty good for Sony.

    Some analysts suggest that the company's victory also will ignite more interest in its PlayStation 3 this holiday shopping season since the video-game consoles come with Blu-ray players.

    I'm sure it won't hurt that Nintendo on Friday said it won't drop the price of its popular Wii console. Sony twice has slashed the price of its 20-gigabyte PS3 to boost demand. But the Wii is still kicking the PS3's butt.

    It will be interesting to see if Sony really does gain an edge.
  • reg12 Level 1 (0 points)
    I am having the same problem. A customer representative told me it is an issue with iTunes that is being resolved. However it works fine for a friend of mine. If anyone gets any updates let me know
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    I am also having problems connecting to the Gracenote CBBD server. I've tried everything, even downloading and installing the patch program offered by Gracenot. I'm glad I read this thread prior to unloading and reloading Itunes. What a drag!!!
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    Does anyone think it could be a Vista problem? It appears this stopped working since I ran a Windows update.
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    The problem has been solved!
    All of a sudden at 11:45 A.M. today my itunes started getting CDDB track names again.
    Thank You, Thank You, out there whoever you are that solved my problem.
  • KimmieB Level 1 (0 points)
    Not mine. Did you have to restart or something?
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