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Due to limited HD space on my laptop, I've moved my iTunes library & music files to my external HD. When I check edit, advanced, I see the correct location, and all the music files are there.

Problem is, when I luanch iTunes - and it sees the entire library, ther is an exlamation mark in the far left column saying can't find file - do you wish to locate? If I say yes, I can point to the external HD, open the folder, find the song, and then click "open" from within that folder. From that point on, the song plays from the right location.

I've got way too many songs to do this for each and every one. Please tell me there is a way to get iTunes to not just see the tites, but recognize the location and play from there.

Has anyone experienced this? How do I fix it? Thanks!

Dell Inspiron, Windows XP