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I recently switched from Safari to Firefox (, and I'm having trouble opening my Gmail. It just keeps saying "Loading", and the bar on the bottom gets to about halfway. The other day I waited about 5 minutes for the page to open

Ironically, I switched to Firefox because some Google pages would crash (like Maps). However, I don't have a problem with my Safari Gmail.

Any help would be appreciated. Oh, I also recently added Gmail Notifier, but I don't think that's causing the problem.



iMac G3 350 MHz 512 MB 20 GB Hard Drive, Mac OS X (10.3.x), Using Safari 1.3 (v.312)
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    Firefox is not an Apple product, so you will need to go to the Firefox forums for assistance.

    You may have fewer problems with web pages if you upgrade from Panther to Tiger or Leopard if feasible. Panther's Java and webkit is not compatible with a lot of newer generation web sites.
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    Try this: in FireFox > Preferences > Advanced > Cache... there you will see a MB size (decrease it from the normal 50 to say 10) Also, you see a "Clear Now" button... click it. By doing so you get a new start, and Firefox HAS TO get a NEW page, not one in memory.

    It worked for me.
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    That definitely improved it. It's still a little slow, but nothing like it was.

    I'll also check out the Firefox discussion, because in general it's slower than Safari. Or I may just use Firefox for sites that are problematic in Safari, like some of Google's.

    I can't afford Tiger right now, but I'll keep it in mind.

    Thank you.
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    BTW, I went to the Firefox discussion and someone sent me to a link of about 16 articles in Firefox help, none of which I could understand. It made me appreciate this site even more.
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    Yes, it seems we are still developing this internet thing piecemeal... like one thing does not work for everything, but we learn to live with it, for now.

    Glad you got it working better. you can even lower that Cashe to less, so that every time you logon, it will have to 'actually' use the internet to fetch the sites, rather then memory. Hope you have a high-speed service.

    Thanks for the star.