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I ran into a hardware issue during a sync... This almost blew up my iphone and iTunes, but I got everything back to work (by uninstalling, rebooting and deleting usbaapl.sys, some registry keys and such ...)

Now everything is back to work except that my Windows XP will not see my iPhone as a Camera anymore... it doesn't popup the wizard, the camera doesn't appear in My Computer nor in the Control Panel (Scanners and Cameras).

iTunes works perfectly well and sees the iPhone as usual, can sync, etc.... I have reinstalled iTunes almost too many times to mention

I suspect a problem on the PC, not on the iPhone, as there are several other iPhones in the family and none of them work on this PC while they all work on other PCs...

Any idea what I could do to get that working again ?

Thanks in davance

iPhone OOTB 1.1.2, updated to 1.1.4, Windows XP Pro
  • Jason L Community Specialists
    Hey pieroxy,

    Are any other cameras recognized by the PC? Did you install any camera software?

    Make sure the iPhone is directly connected to the PC and not plugged into a keyboard, monitor, or hub. http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1286

    You can try completely removing and reinstalling iTunes again using the steps in this article:

    If the PC continues to have problems they could be related to the registry changes that were made. You might want to contact Microsoft to see if there is any way to repair the registry other than a reinstall of Windows.

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    Thanks for your answer. Other cameras are still working fine with this computer. I did not install anything but the iTunes program over and over again...

    i tried your suggestion of uninstalling completely iTunes and Quicktime, with no luck... After full reinstall, the PC will still not see iPhones as cameras

    The iphones are connected directly to the computer

    the next step for me is to have a close look at a PC where everything works normally....

    thanks anyways
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,946 points)
    This is almost too obvious, but are you aware that the iPhone will only be recognized as a camera if there are photos on the camera roll that were taken with the camera?
  • pieroxy Level 1 (0 points)
    No, I have pictures on both my iPhones. Moreover, they get recognized as cameras on another PC ...
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,946 points)
    Another theory shot to heck

    It's really odd that other cameras work, but not the iPhone. And it's not the phone because it works on other computers.

    This is grasping at straws, but try a USB port on the back of the computer (ones on the front are frequently an internal hub or lower power), do it with the iPhone fully charged.

    If you have a webcam or scanner be sure it's driver is the latest version, or, if you aren't sure, try uninstalling it. Also make sure your USB drivers are current version.

    An additional thought is that some time in the past you told Windows to ignore the iPhone camera.
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    One thing I found that is weird is that on the PC where the iPone works, the device appears in the Device Manager as "Apple iPhone". On the computer where it doesn't work, it appears as "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver"...


    I am trying what you suggested and am getting somewhere, but I don't know yet how far... I'll keep you posted !
  • pieroxy Level 1 (0 points)
    Ok, I got this fixed !!!

    Thanks to all of you for your time and help.

    The solution was "simple": Uninstall the drivers (both in USB and Imaging Devices) and uninstall as well (and at the same time) the drivers for my webcam (Logitech). I plugged everything back in and it almost worked.... Change USB ports for both devices, uninstall again, and that time it worked.

    Again, thanks for all the help.
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    I am all Mac all the time, so I don't share the same problems you PC users have. However, I have a message that comes up every single time I sync my iphone that says, "No camera was found". It's not hurting anything, it's just annoying because I have to click OK on it to make it go away. I don't have the message when I plug in an actual camera. On a mac, the USB software is built in, so it's not like I can reinstall anything. Any way to change a preference setting somewhere to get this to go away would be very cool.
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    Have you or anyone else figure out how to disable this? I get the same thing happening to me every time I connect the iPhone.
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    The message is coming from the software that Canon includes with their EOS line of cameras and not from any Apple software. I get the same issue on my mac. I have CameraWindow v (c) Canon.

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    I believe this will solve your issue.

    go to "applications">open "image capture">select "file">"preferences">change camera setting from "no application" to "image capture" or "iPhoto"