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I want to change to the default podcast directory for storing downloaded podcasts. I see I can change the music directory under pref / advance, but I don't see anyway of changing the podcast directory. I want to have it saved to a secondary drive and not my main OS drive as it does by default in the my music / itunes / ipod directory. It is just eating away at my storage space and I would like to move it so i can save more podcasts w/o having to worry about storage space.

Thank you for any help.

custom built, Windows XP Pro
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    Does anyone know....it sure would save me a lot of hard drive space on my main drive.
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    You can change the directory by opening the itunes preference pane in library/Preferences/com.apple.iTunes.plist in your home directory. I'm not sure exactly which directory needs to be changed, but I changed all of them. If that still doesn't work, then you can put the iTunes directory where you want it (normally Music/iTunes in your home directory) whereever you want it, and use the Terminal command "ln -s path-to-where-you-moved-iTunes ~/music/iTunes" If your not sure how to type in the path, type in / and then press the tab key until you see a listing that contains the folders in Macintosh HD (mine shows the following):
    .Spotlight-V100 Network dev opt
    .Trashes System efi private
    .vol Volumes etc sbin
    Applications automount home tmp
    Developer bin media usr
    Library cores music var

    From there, navigate to the directory you want, using '/' as a directory seperater. Other drives are in the /Volumes folder. Some characters like space need to be prefixed by a '\'. The command I typed was "ln -s /Volumes/HOME/music/iTunes/ ~/music/iTunes"
    I tried to give that little tutorial for people who don't know how to do terminal, not sure how well I did.
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    You canot change just the podcast directory.
    Everything is stored in the iTunes music folder.