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Just got a new macbook pro. downloaded a dvd and could only watch about 4/5 of it before getting a notice that the battery would soon run out of power. Shouldn't a person be able to at least view an entire dvd? If not, why sell/rent dvd's without telling folks they will need to have their computer plugged in to see the movie. hard to do on a plane.

macbookpro, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    That's pretty normal - the optical drive uses +a lot+ of power for the motor and laser. You might make it through a 90 minute movie on a fully charged, healthy battery, but probably not a 2 hr movie.

    You could consider bringing a second battery for them MBP, which is what I needed to do before the MagSafe Airline Adapter came out (and more and more airplanes are providing power ports, even in economy class). Alternatively, for movies you own, consider this, since the HDD uses less power than the optical drive.

    Hope this helps...