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I recently had to get a new iPhone (my old one is at the bottom of the ocean) and when I activated it, all my text messages were still there. Soooo, they must be saved somewhere. My question is where. Are they on my hard drive somewhere. Apples servers?

a bit scary

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    When you activated your new iPhone, you were likely prompted to restore your new iPhone from your previous iPhone's backup.

    Data such as SMS messages, recent calls, call favorites, iPhone settings, notes created with the Notes application, alarms, world clock settings, cities tracked with the Weather widget, stocks tracked with the Stocks widget - basically the data not included with the iTunes sync process for your iPhone is maintained in your iPhone's backup - which is created and maintained by iTunes on your computer.

    If any of this data has changed since the last sync, your iPhone's backup is updated as the very first step as part of the sync process.

    At the iTunes menu bar, go to iTunes > Preferences.

    Check under the Syncing tab for your iTunes preferences.

    This shouldn't be scary - unless you are unaware of this feature - which IMO is a good feature that Apple included. This is also used if you ever need to restore your iPhone. When restoring, the options are from your iPhone's backup, or as a new iPhone or not from the backup.

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    Try this
    users/"youruser"/library/ApplicationSupport/MobileSync/Backup/74e1339ccff1d01bea e57cea2e053a911df675eb or something similar

    this will be after a sync
    open it with some sort of text edit app

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks. I'll check it out. Don't get me wrong. I was glad they were there. I just didn't know they were saved on my computer. I have nothing to hide from anyone (well except maybe big brother) but I just wasn't aware that I'm saving anything to my hard drive. I thought it was all on their servers as far as IM and email goes.
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    You referred to text messages or SMS in your original post, not IM and email.

    SMS or text messages are passed through at&t's servers, but are not saved there.

    The only way to IM (instant messaging) with an iPhone at the present time, is via a web app with Safari. When connected via wi-fi with an iPhone, the data passes though the internet service provider being used or associated with the wi-fi network, and whichever host server is handling the IM connection between the parties doing the IM, but are not saved on anyone's server. When doing so via at&t's EDGE network, the data passes through at&t's servers as an internet service provider, but are not saved there either.

    The same applies to email - regarding the transfer - sending/receiving of messages, but received messages are stored on the email account provider's incoming mail server, and remain there until deleted by you. Sent messages with an IMAP account can be stored on the server, or locally. With a POP account, sent messages can be stored locally only.

    at&t, and especially Apple, do not store your SMS, IM, or email.
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    hope it helps

    I have not personally seen this, but this is what I hear, after you check it out let me know
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    Try this users/"youruser"/library/ApplicationSupport/MobileSync/Backup/74e1339ccff1d01be ae57cea2e053a911df675eb or something similar this will be after a sync open it with some sort of text edit app

    Have you ever tried opening one of those backup files and reading one? You need to extract them with iPhone Backup Decoder Script from Google Code first, or all you're going to see is garbage.

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    let me try again

    Earless Puppy wrote:
    hope it helps

    I have not personally seen this, but this is what I hear, after you check it out let me know