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Is there a limit to how long a text message can be? And if you reach it are you notified? Everytime I send a long text message (anything over 1 text(160 characters)) it is never received by the recipient. Talked to at&t to no end and have already tried replacing my iphone and sim card with no resolvement. Recipient has a blackberry pearl using AT&T also, we never had this problem until I got my iphone

Windows Vista
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    I'm not aware of any limit - besides the character limit per SMS.

    SMS is the abbreviation for short message service - with short meaning just that, and for that.

    If you regularly exchange SMS that is over the 160 character limit (especially if well over the limit) with this person who has a Blackberry Pearl, you should consider using email instead. The Blackberry Pearl supports email exchange - at least in the interim until the cause of the problem is discovered.

    If someone regularly sent me SMS that is well over the character limit and received as multiple SMS, I would ask - no demand that email be used instead.
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    ya I had the same question but I once went over the text limit and my friend got 2 text messages from me his phone accepts the first 160 characters then in another text it showed the rest and I never knew this until my friend told me but ur right it is SMS meaning short but I think there should be a 160 character lock in my opinion
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    so this confirms without a doubt that yes the iphone is capable of sending texts longer than one text long by appending the extra characters into another text, which is helpful. I want to say this also confirms its a att issue but it still bugs me that it started immedietly after i go the iphone. Any suggestions on what to do guys? It seems like att has tried everything they can think of (including blaming apple and sending a multitude of "updates") or does this just mean

    (atleast as far as sending long texts is concerned)
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    Sorry not much advice to help with because as you said it has to do with AT&T not sending the text because I sent that long text to a sprint phone. My advice is just keep it short and if it is really long maybe an email. But hopefully it gets noticed in the next update because I can never tell how much character is being used
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    did your problem ever get resolved? I have the exact same issue... top it off with no option to resend.