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I have a very large iTunes library. Currently 1.75 Terabytes in size and growing. I backup all of the iTunes library using a program called ChronoSync. It does an excellent job of Syncronizing the Main iTunes Library and its backup every day. The iTunes Library and iTunes Backup are located on different hard disks and neither one of them is the boot disk.
My question deals with the Restore of the iTunes library. Recently I had hard disk corruption on the main iTunes Library. Apple Disk Repair would not unmount it and it stated that there were several problems on the disk. It would also not complete and just quit.
It was apparent that I needed to restore the iTunes library from the backup. Once I erased the hard disk with the iTunes library and setup iTunes to store the New iTunes library on the erased hard disk I then first just copied some of the data from the iTunes Backup to the new iTunes library. When I opened iTunes nothing showed up. The data was in the library but iTunes did not recognized it. Next I imported from the iTunes backup library to the iTunes program. This worked fine and all of the movies and music showed up in iTunes.
So my problem is solved but it is a very expensive solution. I estimate that to restore 1.75 Terabytes will take about 9 days of computer time. I have an 2008 Mac Pro so this is the fastest Macintosh available but importing that much data is a gigantic task.
My question then is is there another way I could backup my iTunes Library so that when I restore it iTunes will recognize it like the original iTunes library?

All Macs, Mac OS X (10.5.2)