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Are there any security measures/options other than the passcode feature, available on the iphone or perhaps available via remotel, should someone ever steals your phone?


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    If your iPhone is in Passcode Lock mode (shorter times for requiring the passcode is more secure), no one else can access anything. Someone can restore your iPhone as a new iPhone, but won't be able to access anything - of course if there is a will, there is usually a way.

    You can also enable a SIM lock, which will be required after your iPhone is powered on - after entering the passcode when Passcode Lock is enable, which prevents someone from being able to place any calls, or access any phone functions if they get past your passcode lock.

    This is it - at the present time anyway. Firmware update 2.0 will include the ability to remote wipe an iPhone, but with the presentation during the March 6 event to announce the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK, this was featured during the the discussion about Apple licensing ActiveSync from Microsoft for Exchange accounts, so I assume this will be available for Exchange Server admins to remote wipe an iPhone used in a business environment - for those with an Exchange account. I don't know if this will be available by any other means - for personal use.

    If you are using an iPhone that was hacked to be used with Rogers in Canada, you may not be able to install firmware update 2.0 - or until the hack is updated (if possible) for use with firmware update 2.0.
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    I would not keep any sensitive information on your iPhone--like bank or CC numbers. I would not set any web site such as PayPal to automatically login with a cookie either. Also, watch what you're doing on a open/public wifi network. Their may be a wifi 'packet sniffer' near you.

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