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Hi - I have had NO problems with my iPhone until I have recently tried to upgrade the software through iTunes.

During the update, the phone was unplugged from the USB cord. Now when I connect it to the Restore, it gets 'stuck' on the Restoring iPhone Software part. I have an apple logo on my phone and that circle keeps turning and turning. It turned for about an hour and a half when I unplugged it because I thought it was stuck. I tried the reboot (holding the home button and the sleep/wake button) and now I get the 'sync to iTunes' pic whenever I turn on my iPhone. I am trying a Restore again, and the same thing is happening.

Am I just impatient or should the restore take over 1.5 hours? I am not getting any error messages but the progress bar on the Restoring iPhone software... is full but the little wheel on the phone just keeps turning.

I am SO upset as I need my phone for work and now I just keep getting the sync to iTunes pic and NO PHONE!!! HELP PLEASE!!! Do I just wait it out or is something wrong? (FYI - I am on a PC)

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