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François Mottaz Level 1 (5 points)
I have a dual network (Extreme N base station extended wit an Express N, running in 5Ghz, wide band only) and a legacy b/g network served by an Express base station). The Extreme N is plugged into the router and serves DHCP to the whole network. The slower network is plugged into the Extreme N as well.

Frequently, I have websites which are not reachable through the fast network (I'm connected to the Expres N). The data seem to stall just after the DNS resolution. At the same time I can reach many other sites. It is clear when I open a set of sites stored as tabs in Safari. The ones that don't load are always the same and the AppleStore is one of them. Macosoxhints is another.

If I switch to my slower network, I can reach the sites without problem.

Both setup share the same DNS settings and router wihich seems to exclude this type of problems. Also, I can ping the unreachable websites and get perfect response. It just seems the Express N base chokes on certain types of data. If I restart it, It gets going again for a short while. I have to unplug it as it is not reachable through airport utility (although shown in the list with a green light). The led on the base satation is green too.

MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
  • Smokerz Level 6 (9,485 points)
    Try manual setup of those two secondary router as "bridged" mode then configure the wireless setting to your liking. I use secondaries to "create its own network" to keep all my devices segregated according to speed.
  • François Mottaz Level 1 (5 points)
    The g/b Base is configured as bridge and advertizes another network name to keep separate from the main N network. The Express N is configured as an extension of the main base station (a WDS in b/g speak), so it is in fact bridged. It cannot be otherwise as there is no wired connection between the two.
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    I'm getting a similarly odd reaction out of my new Airport Express N; when I replaced my AX (G) with it, and switched to an all N Network, I had these odd starts and stops of data.

    Specifically, I have them configured in WDS, and have a slingbox plugged into the ethernet port of the AX(N). When I had it plugged into the AX(G), the resulting video from the slingbox was smooth. When I switched them, I would get higher speeds, but in bursts, and it cased the Slingplayer software to glitch out.

    On a utterly separate note, I'd like to know if WDS is what I should be doing; my wife has an older WinXP laptop with b/g, and I have an MBP (n). Keeping in mind I need the AX(G or N) to provide a wireless bridge back to the AEBS for the Slingbox, how should I be set up? Roaming or WDS? If either, will AirTunes still work?

    -IL GOON