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I do not get any sound on my Flip Video recordings that I download to my Macbook. Audio is fine on the device itself. I haven't had this problem until recently. When I contacted Flip Video, they told me that this is a recent problem with Apple because of an upgrade, and that Apple is working on a fix. But I haven't been able to find anything on the Support website.

Does anyone else have this problem and if so, how did you fix it?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Ours didn't have sound either. It happened when we upgraded to the latest QuickTime. We were told by Flip that the unofficial solution is to download the Perian plugin for Quicktime: http://www.perian.org/. Worked for us!
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    Same issue but the perian software also worked for me!
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    My MAC Updater downloaded the new QT 7.4.5 on 5 Apr 2008. I have been making movies in iMovie, and then posting them to YouTube. In the beginning I uploaded the movies as MOV files but soon discovered AVI files (larger file and longer time to upload) had more clarity when viewed on YouTube. Once the new QT 7.4.5 downloaded all my AVI files had picture, but no sound! I downloaded the Perian component as posted in QT discussions. The sound returned to the AVI files. However, when I Exported an AVI movie from iMovie the picture quality was worse than the MOV movie. There is something wrong with the new QT 7.4.5 when working with AVI, my AVI movies look terrible. These AVI files were all downloaded from my Ultra Flip Video camera with Flip’s codec 3vix. Flip is aware of this problem and acknowledged it last Friday. Flip says Apple is aware of the problem.
    My MAC PowerPc G4 has performed well in the past two months when working with the Flip Video camera. So, at Flip Video’s suggestion I upgraded the operating system to OS 10.5 from OS 10.4.11. Flip Video says their camera works with OS 10.5. Once OS 10.5 was uploaded I soon discovered that iMovie 08 would not operate on my PowerPc G4, 1.86 MHz. The speed requirement for iMovie 08 is 1.9 GHz.
    At this point of “spinning my wheels for nearly a month” with this Flip Video camera, I decided to purchase a new iMac. On May 2, 2008, I walked out of the Apple Store in Walnut Creek with the new iMac 20-inch: 2.66GHz. Now the Flip video camera should work and all my video problems solved. However, this was not to be.
    When I attempted to Import Flip Video AVI and MOV files into iMovie 08 the files were “grayed out” and would not Import. None of my previous Flip Video files would Import. I tried making new Flip Video movies, they also would not Import into iMovie 08.
    At another Apple Store, the tech suggested I download the previous version of iMovie HD. I did this and with hours of working through the different Export options I was able to create movies to post again on youTube. However, the picture quality of the newer iMovies has never approached the quality of my last post before QT 7.4.5 downloaded. Remember my problems started with QT 7.4.5. Well, my new iMac came with QT 7.4.1, I have not Uploaded QT 7.4.5 and won’t until Flip Video fixes this problem.
    Examples of my Flip Video movies can be viewed on youTube at: sffoggydays. The last video with excellent picture quality was posted 6 Apr 2008 titled “A Day at the San Francisco Zoo, Chapter Nine, L-Taravel Ride to BART.” This video was made in iMovie and Exported before QT 7.4.5 downloaded. All the youTube Flip Videos made after 6 Apr 2008 have poor picture quality.
    It is time for Flip Video camera to stop “passing the buck” to Apple. When manufactures of operating system such as Apple and Microsoft create newer and upgraded systems, it is the responsibility of the manufactures of applications to redo the programs for operating on the new systems. Here is where Flip Video is not accepting this responsibility to Mac users of their camera. The Flip Video application/codex/drivers need to be updated in order to fix the following problems:
    - No sound on AVI files in QT 7.4.5
    - No Import of AVI and MOV files in iMovie 08
    - Poor picture quality for youTube in Export of iMovie HD
    I like my Flip Video camera, want to continue making movies for youTube, and recommending the camera to others. The Flip Video camera people need to fix these problems for Mac users.
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    I've been using my Flip without problem (and I love it, it's always in my bag), but I don't upload to YouTube- I post the movies on my MacGallery, and I think they look pretty great.
    It's a bit time consuming, but I run the clips I want to post through iMovie 6 (the older version, which is on my new macbook) and save them all (Quicktime, full quality) then open them in iMovie 8.0 to edit and add effects, titles, etc. iMovie 8.0 rocks, and allows me to upload directly to my mac web gallery and email the link to multiple email addresses. The easy 'download' feature on the macgallery allows those I send the clip to to save it on their own machines- or transfer to their iPhones, which makes that extra step (running through iMovie 6 so I can open in iMovie 8) worthwhile.
    Anyway, since I initially got the Flip, and downloaded the software off of it, I haven't had any problems with sound/picture in Quicktime, but I also ponied up the $29 to get the QT Pro version, don't know if that makes a difference. . . My software (inc. QT) is all up to date.
    See: http://gallery.mac.com/sheilae#100322 -for picture quality, not content
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    I have been reading/researching how to get flip video to my mac and am getting frustrated with the effort it is taking. I now have spent the $$ on QT Pro and hey, I actually see my videos!!! Problem is NO SOUND!. I have downloaded Perian and need to know what to do next? When I bring the video off of the Flip camera and open and try to export using QT pro it is telling me there is no audio?? I know there is because I play it back on the camera and can hear it!
    What am I missing???!! Please help. Thank you.
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    It's been awhile, but the first time I used my Flip, there was software on there I had to put on the machine (even though I had Quicktime Pro, as well) -
    This is from a Maclife article by David Biedny; "The camera shows up in the Finder, where you’ll see the installer for loading the 3ivx MPEG-4 5.0 Decoder QuickTime codec on your Mac, which lets you edit and play the native AVI files that come off the Flip."
    If you've done that, I'm not sure why you're having problems, but if you haven't . . . hopefully, this helps.
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    I have the Flip Ultra and cannot get any video on my .mac gallery. I import the video into iMovie 6, select share as Quicktime, full quality, then open the file in iMovie 08, export it to .mac gallery and -no video. I am hoping Sheila (5/26/08) reads this and can give step-by-step directions. Thank you, Linda
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    I have had similar problems with my Flip Video, even backed up to QT 7.2 on my machine with 10.5.5 What seems to be the problem for me though is the OS and not QuickTime. I have an office computer with OS 10.4.11 and with QT 7.5, and the my FlipVideo camera worked just fine.

    So I don't know who created this problem, Apple of the FlipVideo folks. I do know that I've also had some pretty bad problems with QT and Keynote in terms of recording audio to go with slides, so I guess I think this is a QT and OS problem. Apple needs to fix this pronto.