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Hi All!

I'm planning buying new laptop, namely MacBook Pro 15".

But there is one problem - keyboard. I'm developer and touchtypists and kind of dependent on decent keyboard layout.

As usual on-line Apple Store (and retails) are totally blank on the issue and have no clue that keyboards can be different. There is a choice between "German" and "Intl' English" - without a word what precisely the "Intl' English" is.

Can anybody tell me (or even better show) difference between "Intl' English" as it is sold in Europe (Germany) and normal U.S. keyboard? Is "Intl' English" (as I fear it is) ISO based?

For my old PowerBook I could order a replacement keyboard with normal US layout. Is keyboard replaceable on the MacBook Pros? (Because as I understand it is not replacable on MacBooks and Airs.)

Does anybody have experience buying Apple laptops with U.S. keyboard from Europe?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. In older time, there was a KB support page describing all types of keyboards (on iBooks and PowerBooks) as sold by Apple - now the page is gone. At least I can't find it anymore.

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