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I have an iMAC G5 10.4.9 using Tiger. (non-Intel) I want to back up everything up with the Super Duper backup system but I keep getting conflicting info about it. And I simply can't understand what I'm hearing.
In the event of a Hard Drive failure I want to be able to boot a clone of my system from my external drive. One of the reasons I have not downloaded the latest updates is because of bugs that many people had when they went to 10.4.10 and 10.4.11 Since TIme Mchine does not work with Tiger, I need to use Super Duper but one person told me that Super Duper is not bootable and another told me that it is not bootable with certain Ext drives. I'm getting a new external drive but want to avoid the ones that aren't compatible with my G5. I'm really lost and want to backup my system desperately but I don't know where to start. Do I need additonal software besides Super Duper to make this all happen?

iMAC G5 20", Mac OS X (10.4.9), the usual stuff!
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    SuperDuper! is a wonderful application that works extremely well, I have used it for years. You need to have a Firewire external drive, which will allow you to boot from the clone of your system that SD will make. I have an OWC and a LaCie firewire drive, both will boot a G5 iMac and are fine. You can find good external drives at [macsales.com] or [smalldog.com] that will be compatible with your G5. Don't let anyone tell you not to use SD, it will not only make a clone of your system, but will allow you to make scheduled back-ups so that you always have a current copy of your system.

    Just make sure that any drive you buy is a firewire, and you should be perfectly fine (the iMac will NOT boot from a usb drive).

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    Hello Dy:

    Miriam's posts are always complete and accurate.

    Let me add one more ++ for SuperDuper. SD's on-line support is the most responsive I have ever encountered. I had a couple of questions before I migrated from my beloved older G4 to a 2.4 Ghz Intel-based iMac. In addition to answering my specific questions, the SD developer gave me an excellent approach to pulling my data from my G4. Instead of hooking the two computers up via firewire, I (based on the suggestion) made a bootable clone and then just pointed the migration assistant to my external firewire SD clone. It worked perfectly and saved me from trying to have both computers set up on a limited work space at the same time.

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    You had also asked if you needed additional software for backing up: no, you don't, SD is complete and needs nothing more than a drive to back up to. Some external drives come with their own backup software, I never use them, preferring to rely on SD, which has never failed me.

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