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I noticed that there was an update for the AppleTV tonight, so I updated to it (v2.0.2). The update seemed to go fine, but after it rebooted, it now just keeps rebooting continuously. It will reboot, play some or all of the intro video, then either during the intro video or shortly after it gets to the menu, it spontaneously reboots and we start all over again. Sometimes I can get into a few menus before it reboots, but it doesn't ever last too long.

I tried removing power for awhile, restoring to factory settings (via the Diags menu invoked with Menu - during restart), but all to no avail. The restoring to factory settings worked to get the unit back to v1.x, but as soon as I updated it to v2.0.2 again, the reboots started again.

I saw some threads from May 2007 talking about similar issues and the fix being to temporarily turn off the wireless network, and believe it or not that worked! Of course, that's not much of a fix: I have no connectivity to it. I found that as long as I don't configure the wireless, it never reboots. Within a few seconds of me configuring the wireless (whether DHCP or manual), I get the reboots back.

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    This turned out to be a hardware issue. I started an incident with Apple Support and the very knowledgeable tech walked me thorough trying a few things, including setting my AirPort Extreme to 802.11 b/g only (it was set to 802.11n with b/g compatibility), and then trying to connect. That seemed to work a but longer, but still it eventually rebooted spontaneously.

    The tech sent me out a new unit in warranty and I received it today. I put it in place of the old unit, set it up and it worked like a charm on the same network.

    Seems like it was a very subtle hardware failure.