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Honolulu Johnny Level 1 (30 points)
Aloha, All.

Does anybody know of a DIY (do-it-yourself) legal software application that runs on Mac OS X, preferably Leopard v. 10.5.2? Something like "Family Lawyer", an application by Broderbund that used to make "Family Lawyer"* for Mac OS, but now the company has made it a "Windows-only" application.

*See, for example, Broderbund "Family Lawyer 2008": http://www.broderbund.com/jump.jsp?&icmpid=BLGHR1_FL2008&itemID=1951&mainPID=195 1&itemType=PRODUCT

We're looking for an up-to-date software application that allows users to create wills, power of attorney, and other legal documents (again, that runs on Mac OS X, preferably Leopard v. 10.5.__).

For example, "Family Lawyer" allows users to create a personal profile, based on the state they live in, the laws of which then affect the format and essential requirements of the legal documents. Then the user can choose from an extensive list of legal documents templates that they can tailor to their needs. The finished document can be put into Word or other word processing software for easier sharing and editing. The point is to save all the preparation costs for these legal documents, which then only need to be reviewed by an attorney.

Anybody know of something like this made to run on Mac OS X, preferably Leopard v. 10.5.__?

Thanks very much.


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  • Scott Robert Level 2 (350 points)
    There's nothing out just yet for macs. I have an old Quicken Family Lawyer (PPC) but won't run without Classic OS.

    You could buy the one in the link you posted for PC and run it off your mac with windows, XP, or Vista installed.
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    Mahalo ("Thanks"), Scott.

    I marked your post as "Helpful", so at least you get a little + reinforcement (points) from Apple for your reply.

    It's a big world, so just maybe someone else might know of an app that would help us both (et al.).

    Thus, for now, leaving the post "Unanswered", and we'll see what (if any) news we may learn from others.

    Thanks again, and Aloha,

  • Barry Hemphill Level 8 (37,327 points)
    Hi Johnny:

    I get no commission, but I used forms from Standard Legal:


    I downloaded what I wanted and then filled in the blanks. The process seemed pretty easy, and it was more than a few bucks cheaper for a very simple situation.

    I did not use it on-line (if that is an option). I prefer to work at my own pace.

  • Scott Robert Level 2 (350 points)
    I was checking through my old softwares and found this HOME AND BUSINESS ATTORNEY which is sold by Tax Cut.
    http://shop.taxcut.com/DRHM/servlet/ControllerServlet?Action=DisplayProductDetai lsPage&SiteID=taxcut&Locale=en_US&Env=BASE&productID=82233700

    It's 2003-2004 and outdated. But to my surprise, it works pretty good.
    You can buy it here:
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    Thanks very much, Barry.

    As with Scott, I've marked your post as "helpful." I sincerely appreciate the effort, because these downloadable forms would work, and be more cost-effective than preparation by an attorney.

    The remaining issue, though, is their comparatively higher cost for a stand-alone, single purpose document. As mentioned in original post, looking for a Family Lawyer-like DIY app that offers a full range of template legal documents for a one-time, considerably lower cost.

    For example, at standardlegal.com, the Living Will template is $14.95. However, Broderund's (windows-only) Family Lawyer app is only $19.99, and provides a fairly wide range of template legal documents. For $39.99, they offer another similar (windows-only) app, with a wider variety of documents.

    Again, though, thanks very much.

    There's no doubt that things are much better than they used to be for Mac users when it comes to software availability. However, I think we all still know how it might feel to own a Rolls Royce (okay, for political correctness, a hydrogen fuel cell BMW), but only be able to drive it on a limited network of roads. Come to think of it, kind of like driving here in Hawaii (an island).


    P.S. Scott, I'll be responding to your new post above as soon as time permits.

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