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Hi guys,

love my itouch, just cant get it to connect properly with my router. My settings confirm im connected ok (ive input my password as requested, and the display confirms im attached with a little tick), but when i use safari or try to collect my emails im told my itouch can connect to the server. Do i need to manually input more settings (and if so, what are they.... and where do i find them?) When i attach to other routers i have no such problems, straight into safari and straight into my emails.... Dont know what im doing wrong. Thanks in advance for any help you can suggest!

At a loss, so any help gratefully received!!


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ipod touch 32G, Windows XP Pro
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    For a home network the only thing you do on the +iPod touch+ is select the SSID and enter the password/key.


    You should check over the settings on your Belkin. Mine as as follows on my Belkin:

    • LAN Settings: IP Address >, Subnet >, DHCP Server > On. IP Pool > -, Lease Time > Forever.
    • Channel and SSID: Wireless Channel > 1, SSID > [name}, Wireless Mode 54G-Auto, Broadcast SSID > On, 54g Protection > On, Turbo Mode > 125 High Speed Mode.
    • Security: Security Mode > WPA-PSK (no server), Encryption Tecnique > TKIP, Rekey Interval > 60
    • Wireless Bridge: Bridge Mode > Manual
    • Virtual Servers: (I've added Port 21 so I can file share.)
    • MAC Address Filtering: Enabled and each device added.
    • DMZ: No De-Militarised Zone set.
    • WAN pin blocking: Block ICMP Ping > enabled.





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    I have seen this problem at my neighbors with their laptop, you might have set your settings that they only accept a certain number of devices so it might be useful to check your settings first.
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    Thanks VERY much for such a comprehensive response. I was clearly lucky in establishing my router settings when i set it up as ive had no problems with it since, however with my recent purchase of both my ipod touch and PS3 i just dont know which settings i need to transpose to these units. Am i reading ur repsonse correctly, and all i have to do is input my router password and the rest should look after itself ? Im doing this, and my ipod touch is bonding, the tick confirms the password was correct, but thats as far as it goes! Do i need to amend my router settings to match those you have listed in order for my ipod touch to bond successfully ? Sorry mate, i must sound a complete grunt!!


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    Sean Parnell wrote:
    Am i reading ur repsonse correctly, and all i have to do is input my router password and the rest should look after itself ?

    You should be entering the WEP key/WPA password (called Pre Shared Key on my Belkin) not the the Router password (which is what you have to enter before any changes can be made):


    Click to enlarge.


    Do any of your settings differ from what I have?