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My current iPod Classic can't show the lyrics, but I was going to get a new one soon that can (my current one is what they used to call the "iPod Photo", but I am gonna get the 80GB video iPod Classic).

I'm in the process of cleaning up the lyrics in my iTunes in preparation for the new iPod and was wondering...just how many characters can go on a single line when you read the lyrics on the iPod Classic?

I would appreciate it if someone could tell me...I just want to make my lyrics look neat on the iPod screen.

Thanks very much!

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    I Don't think there's much can do bout that...

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    Why not?

    Can't you just count the amount of letters on a line?

    I just wanted to know how many letters you can get on a line w/o it word-wrapping.
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    I have an iPod Classic- had it since Christmas... how do you view lyrics on it? That's news to me! Please help!
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    Not all iPods are capable of showing the lyrics, but if your's is...press the center button several times when a song is playing...album art should come up first, then the lyrics will show up. NOTE: You MUST have the lyrics entered in the lyrics window on your iTunes for the lyrics to show up on your iPod (click on the Lyrics tab on a song's Info window...that's where the lyrics go...it's no problem to find lyrics on the net...just google: lyrics - artist's name - song name).

    Hope that helps!
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    Oh yeah. I just thought I'd add...

    There is a great little dashboard widget out there called: "Pearl Lyrics". It's great! --When you play a song on iTunes, it searches the net for lyrics (and it almost always finds them) and then it automatically posts them in your iTunes lyrics window (as well as showing them in it's own little dashboard window). It takes maybe 10 secs. on average for it to do the whole thing. You can post the lyrics for hundreds of songs in an hour.

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    Thanks a lot Mr Eeee! I worked it out before you managed to reply but yeah, the lyrics feature is quite good! Now I have 6,500 songs to find lyrics for... lol
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    Where do we get this widget? Thanks!
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    Yes, I am with Sandra...where do you find this widget...tried Apples Download page and a Google search...perhaps you could provide a link..

    as Sandra said Thanks!
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    Gee...I was searching around and I can't find it anymore either.

    I did run across a different widget that--from the description--does the same thing though. It says... "Option to save lyrics in music files is also available". So, it should do as well as Pearl Lyrics. Here is a link...


    P.S. Sorry about the late reply.