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Hi guys!

The reason I am entering the same question on both the G5 and the Intel forum is because many of you may have moved from PowerPC to Intel and have had the same question...

Will my PowerPC Apps work in the Intel system?

I've been able to install both my Photoshop CS and Flash 8 on my new Intel Core 2 Duo iMac. They are working ok but when I open "Activity Monitor" and check the memory usage I see most of the processes are showing as Intel but the Photoshop and Flash are showing as PowerPC type.

I also note that 1GB ram is almost taken, even though I only opened the programs, didn't even open a file.

Is it ok to keep running these Apps even though they are PowerPC Apps?

Would they harm the system?

Is there a workaround, a fix from Adobe, or will I have to buy the newest Photoshop and Flash? As Photoshop CS and Flash 8 are perfect for me... no need to buy the newest version regarding functionalities.

Thanks for any idea!

2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac - 1GB Ram and 1.5GHz Mac mini G4 - 512MB Ram, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 30GB iPod video and 1GB Shuffle
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    When you run PowerPC apps on an Intel Mac, a translator called Rosetta is used by the system. This will use more RAM and those apps will not run as fast as their equivalent Universal apps. However, unless your G5 was a Power Mac dual or quad core, an Intel iMac running a PowerPC app (using Rosetta) may be as fast or faster than the G5 running the same app natively.

    Will my PowerPC Apps work in the Intel system?

    So the answer is YES, most (but not all) PowerPC apps will run on Intel Macs using Rosetta. Increasing your iMac's RAM will improve performance (but that's always true).

    Would they harm the system?

    NO. Rosetta is a built-in part of the system. Sort of like Classic, but better integrated and more seamless.

    Adobe was late in making their apps Universal, but I believe they have completed the transition. The upgrades are not free, unfortunately. If your current versions run fast enough on your Intel iMac, you should keep using them.
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    Thanks for the great response!

    I had heard about Rosetta before but I thought the system would inform whenever an App was running under Rosetta, as we were able to see with Classic...

    That explains the 1GB ram being all used, as Photoshop and Flash are two professional Apps... I'll run some tests working on heavy files at the same time before deciding if I buy another 1GB or 2GB ram.


    If you don't mind, I'd like to copy your response and paste it at the G5 forum, where I also posted the same question... as I believe many Mac users may own both systems.

    Of course I'll give you the credit for the information.
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    You can copy my response anywhere you want to, but most current G5 users will not be so interested in Rosetta, since they will be running both PowerPC and Universal apps natively.
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    I said in case a person buys a new Intel but still has a G5 and wanna use their Apps in both systems...

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    You're welcome... happy to be helpful.
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    Trying to run several PPC Apps at the same time has caused some Apps to unexpectedly quit...

    Anyone having the same issue?