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Hi, I am new to Garage Band and have skimmed the FAQ and searched both help and forums and see nothing about how to save as a .wav or .aiff file instead of as a project or .mp3 file.

I do submissions for a podcast that requests the .wav or .aiff format and need help figuring out how to do this please and thanks.

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    Behold the power of google.

    I found an answer here: http://scratch.mit.edu/forums/viewtopic.php?id=54

    And to save you from clicking, the answer post said the following:

    The best method is probably to save the GarageBand song as either an mp3 or wav file on your computer and then you can import that sound file into your Scratch project. It's a little tricky to save a GarageBand file in this way because you have to go through iTunes. In GarageBand, choose "Export to iTunes" from the File menu. This will save the song in your iTunes library, but it will be in AIFF format. You can then convert the song to the correct format within iTunes in the following way:

    (1) Choose the correct format to convert to:
    Go to iTunes Preferences, click the Advanced tab and then the Importing tab.
    From the "Import Using" pull down menu, select MP3 Encoder (or WAV encoder).
    Click OK to save preferences.

    (2) Convert file
    Select the song in your iTunes library and choose "Convert selection to MP3 (or WAV)'' from the Advanced menu. This will save a newly formated copy of the song.

    The new file is in your iTunes library, which can be accessed from your home directory through Music --> iTunes --> iTunes music --> (artist) --> (album). You can also select the song in iTunes and choose File --> Get Info (apple-I) to see where the file is saved in your computer.

    I hope this helps.

    Hopefully someone besides myself will find this useful.
    And as a sidenote: doh! if you just export to itunes without changing it to mp3, it's an .aiff. No need to do anything.

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    soapturtle wrote:
    Behold the power of google.

    Behold the power of forums!

    There is an easier way to do this:

    In Garageband, select Share -> Export Song to Disk, make sure Compress is unchecked, and then when you OK it, the generated file will be AIFF.

    Also, incidentally, the less format conversions, the better.