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My Ipod Mini was formatted for Mac, but I now need to use it with a PC instead. When I plug in the USB cable, I get a "USB device not recognnized" error message.

How do I:
a) get the PC to recognize the Ipod;
b) not lose my music: and then
c) reformat the Ipod to work with my PC?

Really appreciate the help. I miss my music!

Windows Vista
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    Problem solved! After I posted the question, I read through the LO-O-ONG list of other people's questions and found the answer (stupid as it was--actually, pretty smart, because I never would have thought of it): I plugged the cable into a different USB port. It worked on the 3rd port I tried. Who'd have thunk it? I cringed a little when it asked me about restoring the Ipod, fearing that the Mac was the default setting, but no, not when the machine's hooked up to a PC it seems. Since my music was backed up on the Mac, I knew I could get it back, so I let it restore, then went back to the Mac, retrieved my music, then transferred it to the PC. (Why am I switching from a Mac to a PC when everyone else seems to move in the opposite direction? Long story.... don't ask...)

    Anyway, even though I didn't get a direct answer to my question, it was here all along, and for that, I thank all the clever people who take the time to offer their expertise.