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J. Landau Level 1 (25 points)
How can I tell who -- if anyone -- is using my wifi?

Yes, I created a "closed network", so in theory nobody should be able to join my network since they can't see that it exists. But I'd still like to check.

Is there some widget or some software download or utility?

(p.s. -- I only own/use/undertand Apple & Mac products, so please don't suggest anything PC-related. And I don't speak "Console". Thanks!)

24" iMac 2.33ghz Intel Core 2 Duo // 15" Powerbook G4 1.0ghz Firewire 800 Alum., Mac OS X (10.4.11), Earthlink DSL
  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 (5,095 points)
    Very simple with the Apple software you already have.

    Open up your Airport Utility.
    Click on "Wireless Clients" on this first page near the bottom.

    This will show you all of the wireless clients connected to your network.

       Joseph Kriz

  • J. Landau Level 1 (25 points)
    sorry to be difficult.... but....

    I have an application called Airport Admin Utility, but not just an Airport Utility.

    And when I open that, I double click on my Base Station's name and abox with my current profile opens, but I don't see anywhwere that it says "wireless clients"
  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 (5,095 points)
    Sorry, that's one reason I suggested to Apple that they make 2 separate sections for "Airport Express" just like they have with the Airport Extreme.
    1. Old Express with "g"
    2. New Express with "n"

    I also just noticed you are not running Leopard so you are also running the older Airport software.
    If you do have a newer Express, then you need to install the newer software.

    Airport Utility version 5.3.1

       Joseph Kriz

  • J. Landau Level 1 (25 points)
    But none of my stuff is "new". I've had the Airport Express Base Station for about 2 or 3 years, the iMac for about 2.5 years....

    My Airport Admin Utility is version 4.2.3.

    And I'm fully updated (according to Software Update).

    So....... what to do? (other than upgrade to 10.5, which I can't/won't do). Do you think that software version would work in 10.4?
  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 (5,095 points)
    There are only 3 ways that I know of to legally obtain a new version of Airport Software.
    1. Buy Leopard
    2. Buy a new Airport Express which comes with the software
    3. Buy a new computer which comes with Leopard

    Either way, $100 a pop for Leopard or the Express unit and I'm sure it isn't worth it to you at this time just for the Airport Software let alone buying a new computer.

       Joseph Kriz

  • J. Landau Level 1 (25 points)
    hey hey, you forgot option #4

    a FREE AND LEGAL download of Airport Utility DIRECT from Apple. I just found it.
    It's called AirPort Utility 5.3.1 for Tiger
    http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/application_updates/airportutility53 1fortiger.html

    Thank you for your help. I just installed and it works well.

    (And buy the way, not upgrading to Leopard has absolutely nothing to do with money. It's because I professionally use programs such as Final Cut Pro and Avid that are not stable (or even working) yet in Leopard. Heck, a bunch of programs don't even suggest taking your Quicktime beyond 7.3.1 . And since my computer had a meltdown with Quicktime 7.4 last year, as did many other people on these forums, I like to stay one full version behind on all software. I leave the "beta testing" to others. Okay, end of my non-sequitor).

  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 (5,095 points)
    Glad you found that. I will remember it.

    I have several clients that can't upgrade to Leopard due to music software so I know what you mean.

       Joseph Kriz