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Help! Desktop Frozen!

Here is the deal--

I was uploading some photo Image Files(jpg) to the internet. I was moving a ton of files(over 300) from one folder on the desktop to the trash and accidently moved them onto the desktop, it filled all my spaces and then my power went out.


I restarted the MAC and the desktop is frozen, I can go open programs from the DOCK, except TRASH, I cant open up any files of folders on my desktop and when I try I get the spinning circle for 20 secs. I tried to restart, but it won't and I have to pull the plug. I tried that with another startup disk but and it won't start up from another disk--but I can insert a new disk whenever.

I can't even open my hard drive files because there are tons of icons on top of the HD icon, because of all the file icons from the move.

Please help!


G4 IMac, Mac OS X (10.3.x)