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I have a iBook g4 (800 MHz, 256 MB PC2700 RAM) and I want to upgrade my laptop. Any suggestions on what product I should get, because I am completely lost and confused as to what I should get.
Also, I was wondering if I could (if I decided to) run Office on this laptop. Would I be able to, or would it slow the computer down way too much?

iBook g4
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    There are several resellers whose guaranteed RAM is of sufficient quality
    to perform well in most modern computers. You could use the guide in
    this Other World Computing page to narrow the field to your Mac's RAM:

    Apple iBook portable memory:

    For some idea of what kinds of RAM each Mac model and series uses,
    there is a specification page in Apple Support for most recent Macs;
    also you could get a free download of MacTracker and use its offline
    database in your computer to check the differences and specs of
    your (and other Apple products) including the RAM type and spec:

    Some computers which originally shipped with PC 2100 RAM can
    use PC2700/333 in its place (low-profile laptop RAM of equal pin
    count and otherwise said to be compatible.)

    I bought a 1024MB PC2700 200-pin Apple Certified laptop RAM from this
    company and it fits my iBook G4 1.33 -- as well as my iMac G4 1.25:
    http://www.oempcworld.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=PC270 0-SODIMM

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    Microsoft Office (X or 2004) could do OK, it is such a large application
    that for the trouble and time, you could see about getting NeoOffice
    and also the latest patch; both download and run free. They do Office.

    If all you need is Word, you may be able to do better with NeoOffice.
    But if you have to have and use Microsoft Office, and have X or 2004,
    and it is compatible with whoever you work for or share files with, there
    almost is no difference in using NeoOffice. It works and plays similarly.

    {That said, I have NeoOffice downloaded but not installed; and I have
    Office X installed; and also have Office 2004 not installed, on disc.}

    The question really is, if your computer has alot of free space and if
    you really need to have and use Office in your portable computer.
    The newest Office 2008 may or may not be what you need.