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Hey All,

I'm reasonably new to the mac environment and am having trouble getting pages to print multiple flyers on a single sheet. I've set the flyer up in Page Setup for it's actual size which is 4 x5.5inches. I've created the flyer within this size sheet. When I select Print and choose 4 pages per sheet under layout options, nothing happens. The preview does not update and the printed doc (both pdf and on my deskjet only have one small image as opposed to 4. Any ideas as to what's going on?

I've used this type of feature on many other applications so I think i have a good grasp as to how it's supposed to work but am prepared to be educated!


mister james

macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.2), pagres 08
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    I apologize but the tool is not working as you assumes.

    It prints 4 pages on a sheet _if the 4 pages exist_.

    Here, your document is a single page one so the driver prints it at size 1/2 so it uses 1/4 of the sheet.

    To achieve your goal, you must replicate the page in the document so it exists 4 copies of the same page.

    Apply the rules and you will get the correct result.
    If you don't, don't be surprised to get an odd one

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE vendredi 9 mai 2008 13:54:35)
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    I have two documents. I designed 1 page, then copied and pasted it so that the document fills 4 pages. I get no response in the preview window when I select to print 4 pages/sheet, and in going through with the print to PDF, indeed I have a 4 page document, not a 1 page with 4 on a sheet document...

    Any ideas with why this would not be working for me?

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    have no idea about what is wrong on your machine.

    Here doing that I get a normal behavior:

    You may try:

    a - quit/close Numbers
    trash the preferences file:
    <bootVolume>:Users:<yourAccount>:Library:Preferences:com.apple.iWork.Numbers.pli st
    empty the trash
    restart Numbers.

    b - try to do the job from an other user account

    tell us how the beast behaves.

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE samedi 31 mai 2008 14:47:07)
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    Hey James,

    I just opened an 11 page Pages document(Page Layout) and printed the first 4 pages on one sheet.

    If I were you, I would design each flyer as a full sheet, not 4x5.5, and make it a 4 page document. Then try printing the way you are by selecting which pages you want and how many per page.
    NOTE: Make sure you are selecting pages 1 through 4. If you forget to do that, it may only print the first page as you are suffering.

    Good Luck and let us know what happens.