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Howdy friends.

I seem to be having an issue with my external firewire drive. Well, the issue isn't WITH the drive, but rather, the drive seems to be causing an issue with Windows. The best place to start, I guess, would be the beginning.

I partitioned my 80GB harddrive right down the middle, leaving ~37GB for OSX and Windows. I installed Windows XP SP2 (without issue). During this time, the external firewire drive was powered on, and plugged in (which, by the way, is formatted as HFS+). After the installation, I booted into Windows, installed the Boot Camp drivers, and then the Boot Camp update (rebooting after each). The firewire drive was still plugged in and powered on. I installed SP3 via the Windows Update, and when I rebooted, I got stuck at the Windows loading screen (with the blue bar scrolling by).

At first I figured there was so post-installation work going on, but after 10, and then 15 minutes, I figured something was wrong. I force powered off the laptop and restarted it, this time in Safe Mode. Safe Mode seemed to be working fine, so I restarted in normal mode, but got the same thing, stuck at the loading screen. This time, however, I noticed that none of my peripherals were powering on. I unplugged all of them and restarted. What do you know, it boots right up. As for peripherals, I have one USB hub that has my mouse, keyboard, and printer, and then the external firewire drive. In an effort to isolate the problem, I plugged only the firewire drive in, and restarted. Stuck at the loading screen. Ok, I unplugged the drive, and plugging in my USB hub. Windows starts right up.

Once in Windows I installed the latest version of MacDrive, and plugged in my firewire drive to make sure there wasn't an issue with the hard drive itself, but everything was readable and there were no issues I could see.

The question I pose to you all now is, is this a known issue? I searched around and couldn't find anything similar, but I have a tendency to miss obvious things. Are there any fixes? Patches to apply? Drivers to install? I suppose I should also mention that with the drive plugged in, OSX boots up just fine.

Any and all help is appreciated!


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2), Windows XP SP3 w/ Boot Camp 2.1
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    I would never install even OS X with FireWire attached, especially not after the 10.3.0 disasters and other tidbits of issues, best when installing any OS to leave USB and FW devices disconnected.

    There is a patch for XP for Firewire. Don't know if it was rolled into SP3.

    FW800 under Vista (x64 I believe) is a "known issue" for being sluggish.

    Microsoft Windows XP supports both, but as of Service Pack 2, each FireWire device will run at S100 (100 megabits per second) speed. A download is available from Microsoft which enables devices rated at S400 or S800 speeds to operate at their rated speed.[7] Some FireWire hardware manufacturers also provide custom device drivers which replace the Microsoft OHCI host adapter driver stack, enabling S800-capable devices to run at full 800 Mbit/s transfer rates. At the time of its release, Microsoft Windows Vista supported only 1394a, with assurances that 1394b support would come in the next service pack.[8] Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Windows Vista has since been released, however the addition of 1394b support is not mentioned anywhere in the release documentation.[9][10][11]

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    I had the exact same problem. I found a post on WD site about backing a driver sbp2port.sys back to the version in SP2. 5.1.2600.2180 I found this in a driver cache and extracted it copied over the version in system32 drivers and now it boots fine.

    Hope this helps.