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So I had an iPhone before this one and it works fine it was able to find my router with no problem... I lost that iPhone in Mexico and now have a new iPhone... This one it seems find my router at all or anyone else's but when I went to the apple store.. it seems to find their wifi no problem so it doesn't seem like I have any argument... I've done plenty of restores and wipes on the phone with no resolution? How can I take it to a genius when it works at the apple store with no problem? this *****

Windows XP, I have a PC I know I know I'm about to cross over soon
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    Hello SolOtis

    Posted below are some guess I have as to what is going on. And some information I would like you to look into.

    1. Can you confirm once more that the iPhone does in-fact see an Apple Retail WiFi connection but No other WiFi connection anywhere else?

    2. Go to Settings - WiFi - Is it turned on? and set to ask to join?

    3. Go to Settings - General - About - Do you get a Wireless Address ?

    4. Reboot iPhone, Now do you see your home network?

    5. Reset Network Settings - Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings - Confirm - Now do you see your home WiFi network?

    6. Turn the power off on your Home Router for 5 min, Now power it on and give it 2 min to bootup. Now go to iPhone WiFi and does it see your WiFi network?

    7. Contact your Router Manufacture or your ISP whoever assists with your router. Have them confirm the following.

    A) Your Broadcasting in B/G Mode not 802.11 N mode

    B) Your not on a Closed Network, And that your SSID is being broadcasted

    C) Your using WPA/WPA 2 WiFi Security or at least WEP 128 bit 13 character password

    D) If possible change the Router Channel. Sometimes changing the channel can hop the router back into a setting that other devices can then see it again. Keep in mind if you change channels. You may need to reboot the iPhone and check WiFi each time so it can establish a link to that new Channel