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My 85-year-old mother is finally convinced that the internet is something she can use. I have an old blueberry G3 slot-loading iMac that I haven't used in ages (with only 128 megs of RAM) that I re-installed Mac OS X 10.2.8 on (without all the cruft) - LowEndMac.com suggested that this was the best OS for this particular iMac model - and I am wondering what browser to use. Safari 1.0 was installed with 10.2.8, but even sites like Yahoo say it is too old to use with their site. Any suggestions (version number would be helpful along with browser name, thanks)? (I did connect to the internet with this iMac at my house with no problems)

blueberry slot-loading iMac, Mac OS X (10.2.x)
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    You can try Firefox which should work with 10.2.x. However, I would put more RAM in the computer as 128 MBs is insufficient for OS X. It can be upgraded to 512 MB (two 256 MB DIMMs) which is about the minimum for using OS X. I would also upgrade to 10.3.x which is a bit faster than 10.2 and will have a later version of Safari.

    Practically speaking that model is best suited for OS 9 rather than OS X. It lacks the RAM expansion, CPU speed, and graphics horsepower to run OS X satisfactorily. OS 9 includes Internet Explorer. But if you want to run OS X you need a more modern Mac.
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    I would have to agree. I too have been playing around with a iMac tray loading computer. I bought it from a school district my wife teaches in. I am a bit of a computer geek and wanted to tinker with the old school stuff. I have boasted RAM to 384 and am running OS X 10.2.8 Let me tell you it's pretty slow. Now I am running the 133 Mhz cpu so I don't know if yours is a little faster but OS X should really be running 500mhz or better and have 512mb Ram. It does run?? but I prefer 9.0 for speed. Trouble is finding common apps like Internet browser's that work. Firefox 2.0 will work in OS X 10.2.8 but let me tell you it's a resource hog and I found it pretty unstable with my 384mb Ram.
    Some have said iCab is a pretty good browser. I have tried it and did find it better then Firefox.
    Other then that Camino does have a older version that works but their last two or three releases do not work with 10.2.8. My advise is don't try and put too much money into it. You can certainly by a Mac Mini or even go with a new PC and get a much better experience. You simply cannot upgrade these older iMacs enough to do any good! This is not putting down Apple. It's just a fact of technology.
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    I have to correct myself. I mistakenly listed my cpu speed as 133mhz. It is in fact a 233mhz cpu. Still pretty slow non the less!
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    Try some of the browsers on this listing.
    *Mac Web Browsers, Present and Past*

     Cheers, Tom